The broken heart of climate change

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Imagine. You are on a large ship in the middle of the ocean. Rumors are received that your ship has a few tiny cracks in the hull, and water is slowly sipping through. You decide; it’s just a rumor and it can’t possibly be right. After-all, such a large ship can’t get cracks by just floating on water without obstacles. So you go on, enjoying the rest of the day and fall asleep peacefully, at the gentle rocking of the waves against the ship. How wonderful this holiday is, how fortunate that you can have such an experience on a large ship together with all your friends.
The next day, early morning you wake suddenly by sound of sirens. Panic is total as people are rushing to deck. Then abruptly, and with big creaking noises of metal the ship breaks in two, and starts to sink rapidly. Your mind is in a state of confusion. And before you can realize a huge piece of wreckage hits you as you are forced under by the waves. Things turn black.

You loose consciousness.[/responsivevoice]